Nitro PDF

Bringing Your Documents into the Cloud, On Time and On Budget

Nitro is now the #1 Adobe Acrobat™ replacement for Windows and used by over 50% of the Fortune 500 in companies like IBM, Nike, and Pfizer.


Deadlines. We all have them, but some of us have more riding on them than others. Nitro, a document productivity company, had a very big deadline: the launch of their new cloud document offering. With the added pressure of a larger scale business model transformation, the Nitro team knew they needed additional skilled engineers on a shorter timeline than it would take to make the right hiring decisions for their team. Bitmatica came on board to help build out the Nitro Cloud Account Management portal and ensure that the deadline was met while the Nitro team was able to focus on hiring the best long term employees for the job.

Unlike many projects where Bitmatica builds the end-to-end product from design to deployment, we worked with Nitro's existing engineering and design team to build their first customer-facing Angular.js web application.

"We had a great experience working with Bitmatica. The entire team is extremely professional. "

We began with the migration from traditional server-side technologies to a more service-oriented architecture. With our team’s expertise, we were able to help train Nitro’s internal engineering organization on the best practices for developing with new frameworks such as Angular in production.

We built a modern application foundation that new engineers could build upon, and also helped develop a process for service-oriented architectures and RESTful APIs that powered these applications.

After launching the Account Management portal to Nitro’s customers, Bitmatica trained the new engineering team on Angular, SOAs, and the platform we established. The techniques that we were able to pass along are still in place today and are a foundation for new engineering efforts.

"Bitmatica helped us hit a tight deadline while setting up a development process for our team that we still use today."

Nitro launched new Cloud product on time, with a process and foundation to build upon as they grow their engineering team. Their product is now the #1 Adobe Acrobat™ replacement for Windows and used by over 50% of the Fortune 500 in companies such as IBM, Nike, and Pfizer.