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Mobile app users have little patience for spinning wheels, buffering, or other performance problems. Frustrated users abandon applications after just a few seconds — and many never return. Keeping users in your application for as long as possible is crucial, and Kwicr’s Mobile Delivery Network optimizes the delivery of your app’s content so users stay engaged longer.

Every developer can get on board with a faster application, but to get the product in customers’ hands, the experience of installing and managing the Kwicr Software Development Kit (SDK) itself had to be as seamless as possible. Bitmatica worked with the Kwicr team to develop their Developer Portal web application which allows engineers to download, configure, and provision new SDKs, as well as dive into the data of their app to see exactly how it's performing.


We worked with Kwicr from the very beginning to help bring the product from just a concept to reality. Bitmatica spent hands-on time with the Kwicr team in Boston to wireframe the best user experience possible, and after getting back to San Francisco, we sat down and created a visual design to match. Our engineering team worked closely with Kwicr’s during implementation, and after a successful launch, continued to maintain the Portal to provide the best client and user experience possible.

Determined to make sure engineers and decisions makers would be able to truly see the value of using Kwicr in their their mobile applications, the end product included robust analytics where clients could view which parts of their mobile app experience were being sped up and how much faster the experience was.

"Bitmatica worked with us to prioritize requirements, and discussed technology stack at great lengths that would allows us to bring the development in-house at a later date."

While the Kwicr team was tasked with creating a mobile delivery network impervious to interference from buildings and disruptive activities, we focused on creating a Ruby on Rails application which had no database. Challenging? Yes. Doable? Certainly. Instead of our typical PostgreSQL, the Kwicr Portal connected to its backend data store using ActiveResource -- giving us the benefits of quick server-side rendered pages while still building a web client communicating via an API.


"Bitmatica worked with us to make sure that we got what we needed and were happy with the finished product."

The successful launch of the Kwicr Developer Portal allowed the team to get their technology into the hands of customers as soon as possible, while giving mobile app developers useful tools to monitor their applications’ performance. Bitmatica launched the product on time and on budget, while working with constraints on both, and Kwicr has since been written about in Forbes, re/code, and many other publications for its powerful service. In February 2016, Kwicr was acquired by Instart Logic, and we’re extremely proud of the team for their hard work and dedication to creating a cutting-edge platform!

"I was impressed with their ability to understand our business and what we needed as a developer portal. They quickly understood the impact features would have on the developer experience."