Corax Cyber Security

Putting a dollar value on cyber risk.


Startups are hard and involve a lot of moving pieces, an extraordinary breadth of expertise, and some remarkable mental grit. We joined forces with Corax, a London based startup, to fill in the gaps in their team’s knowledge while adding extra brain power and coding hours to push through an amazing product.

Corax’s goal is to make complex cyber risk and compliance calculations simple for CIOs by taking into account the interconnected parts of their business. We helped them design and build both their marketing website and their web application which helps companies see where cyber security problems exist in their businesses and prioritizes action and security investments.


Working hand-in-hand with their team, we frequently met in person to understand not just the technical needs, but the business and user needs as well. We used our knowledge of current web frontend technologies to help guide their team in choosing a language that best fit their app’s needs.

Our design team consistently kept the user’s perspective in mind, creating a beautiful and user-friendly interface despite the complex data being dealt with.

Using React.js our team built out a seamless frontend user experience to complement the powerful API built by the Corax team.

Tasked with only 3 months to build out a product from scratch we were able to collaborate with the Corax team to build out extensive wireframes, functionality, and collateral to help them meet their goals and deadlines.