Bowery Capital

Keeping Venture Capital Ahead of The Curve

"Bitmatica is transparent, responsive, and a trusted partner."

For many venture capital firms, it’s as challenging to invest in promising start-ups as it is for a start-up to find investment. As the world of capital becomes even more competitive, firms often look to provide value-added services to stay ahead of the curve.

We were introduced to Bowery Capital, a venture capital firm in New York that offers incredible thought leadership in sales, marketing, and strategy. Their product, Inside@Bowery, was an internal tool which gave their portfolio companies access to a database of decision makers across a wide range of companies featuring statistics, data, and the ability to make strategic introductions across industries. It unlocked the collective network of Bowery Capital’s partners, and just needed that last 10% to make it to launch.

"Bitmatica accurately assessed the scope of what we could afford and our vision to give us high quality work."


User feedback drives a product’s success, something Bowery Capital was very aware of, which is why they prepared the opportunity for us to connect and listen to their users’ thoughts to build the most effective tool for teams.

After extensive assessment we identified the most valuable parts of their current prototype and began to spin out the set of most valuable features into a more focused resource center. We wanted to create a centralized repository for Bowery Capital's valuable content surrounding growth, sales, and pricing to create clear pathways to success for their portfolio companies.

While Bitmatica typically builds products from scratch, the new product, Blueprint, was built with Lobsters, an open source news aggregation platform. This allowed us to meet Bowery Capital's product needs, timeline, and budget.

"Working with Bitmatica was easy because there was a good system in place for our teams to communicate and collaborate."


As with most projects we come across, time and budget are some of the clients’ top concerns. While we aren’t always able to build products by yesterday, we are able to sit down with your team to intelligently design and prioritize functionality to provide top quality work on time and on budget.

After two months of working with Bowery Capital, we were able to deliver a fine-tuned product giving their clients and partners the ability to make quicker, smarter, and more informed decisions.