Design + Engineering
Design + Engineering

Rapid Prototyping

New ideas carry organizational and technical risk that impede their growth into profitable businesses. Using Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping, Bitmatica’s design and engineering team creates workable prototypes of new concepts within weeks to allow enterprises to demonstrate value and identify risk as quickly as possible. Prototypes can be used to gather internal stakeholder support, validate concepts with customers, and matured into production-ready products with Bitmatica’s Concept to Reality service.

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Deliverables Include:
  • Multiple iterations of wireframes to illustrate value to internal organizational units and external customers
  • High-fidelity visual designs to continue to gather support and feedback
  • Initial, functioning web and/or mobile software application demonstrates each of the core product value propositions
  • Tested integrations with key technical requirements to evaluate and mitigate risk

Digital Products from Concept to Reality

Bitmatica was founded by a team of elite designers and engineers who specialize in taking nascent ideas and creating production-ready, user-validated, scalable products. For our customers who need a team built to execute as fast and efficiently as possible, Bitmatica provides end-to-end design and engineering services that can work both in conjunction with an existing team, or in isolation. Bitmatica has built products used by tens of millions of people worldwide across industries ranging from healthcare and finance to 3D printing, genetics, consumer entertainment, ecommerce, and more. With Bitmatica’s design and engineering team, we help enterprises build better products faster than ever thought possible.

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Deliverables Include:
  • Product validation and prototyping including deliverables from our Design and Discovery process and Rapid Prototyping services
  • High fidelity visual, UI, UX, and branding design across all platforms, devices, and form factors to ensure internal support and customer validation before development
  • Production-ready, modern, responsive web applications and/or native iOS and Android applications, built by our in-house team in San Francisco
  • Integration with all necessary internal and third-party systems
  • Complete product, project, and technical management and leadership provided to ensure the success and quality of the deliverables
  • User testing, customer interviews, and product iteration
  • Production launch and coordination with organizational units
  • Product maintenance and updates provided by our on-call team
  • Handoff and training to our customers’ technical and product teams to ensure smooth transition after successful product launch