Acceleration Programs
Acceleration Programs

New Product Design and Discovery

As an extension of Bitmatica’s consulting retainer, we offer an intensive two to five week Design and Discovery process that we perform as part of the beginning of all new products. This brings a product from concept to a fully-executable roadmap and rollout strategy with as much technical and business risk identified as possible. The Design and Discovery process allows stakeholders to understand the components necessary for a successful build-out, and greatly increases departments’ (and customers’) satisfaction with the final product.

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Deliverables Include:
  • Complete product specification and identification of technical requirements
  • Comprehensive set of wireframes of the user-facing components of the product
  • Meetings and feedback with users as part of the wireframing process
  • Begin visual design and product identity (time permitting)
  • Review and assessment of existing software to identify development requirements
  • API design, specification, and documentation
  • Risk assessment that identifies key challenges and prioritizes development accordingly
  • Optional, if Bitmatica will assist with development: Full weekly development roadmap which includes visual design, implementation, user testing, iteration, launch + deployment, maintenance + handoff and training

Startup Integration + Proof of Concept

As enterprises attempt to partner with startups, it is imperative to demonstrate the effectiveness of each startup’s technology in conjunction with the business units’ existing software platforms. To validate partnerships in the most risk-free way possible, we encourage proofs of concept and integrations to be built inside our enterprise customers for each evaluation. However, given very few if any startups have the internal resources to build such integrations, Bitmatica can act as a liaison between the customer and its startup partners to build such PoCs, and evaluate the effectiveness of the technology. Additionally, Bitmatica can build PoCs on behalf of the customer’s non-digital departments in conjunction with any existing innovation group to test new products and business cases.

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Deliverables Include:
  • Technical management of the integration with startup partners
  • Design and implementation of one to many proofs of concept to quickly demonstrate the effectiveness of partnerships
  • Initial technology assessment and integration points with prospective startups to determine viability
  • General design and implementation of proofs of concept with relevant business units to test new products quickly

Enterprise Product Accelerator

Startup Accelerators such as Y Combinator can help more than just startups. Bitmatica’s Enterprise Product Accelerator takes a concept and matures it to a validated, minimum viable product launched at the end of a twelve week program. Our product, design, and engineering expertise works in conjunction with a business unit, product stakeholders, and technical teams to accelerate the execution of a new concept, while demonstrating the experience of building and launching a product from scratch in a fully hands-on program. The Product Accelerator can take place in either San Francisco or customer’s offices.

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Deliverables Include:
  • Twelve week process that embeds our customers inside Bitmatica’s team to build a product from concept to MVP
  • Bitmatica provides the product, design, and engineering resources to execute efficiently, and collaborates with any existing resources to build a successful team
  • Focus on constant customer validation with designs, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Deep management involvement and training to help promote the concepts of agile product development and rapid prototyping within our customers
  • Encapsulates the deliverables of other Bitmatica offerings, including the Design and Discovery process as well as Entrepreneurship program.