We Went to LAUNCH and it was Great

Stephanie Stupack| March 25th

We just got back from an exhaustingly fun three day conference, LAUNCH.

This was our first conference sponsorship and we couldn’t have asked for a better host or group of attendees.

Despite the rain and the deceivingly long parking lot of Fort Mason (Safeway may just be across the street but it takes 10 minutes to get there), we joined the masses in rallying, networking, and learning.

Fort Mason Parking Lot and LAUNCH Festival

Around the conference there were great sights and treats to accompany the three stages of talks. Of note, the Radix booth with the chocolate fountain quickly became a good friend.

Chocolate Fountain and Angel Investors

It was 3 days of talking, talking, and more talking. To get the conversation started, we offered a rather polarizing question: Is the tech bubble about to burst?

While the answers seemed to end up pretty split, we heard some pretty compelling opinions on both sides.

Is the tech bubble about to burst

As the event went on we made some great friends and contacts, and by the end, our booth became the conference destination for good people and good conversations.

Thank you Jason Calacanis and the entire LAUNCH crew for making this conference fun and successful.

We can’t wait to see you again at LAUNCH Scale!

New friends at LAUNCH

Stephanie Stupack
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