Introducing the Bitmatica Blog

Team| September 9th

We're happy to announce the launch of the Bitmatica blog today!

We thought with our first post we should start with the basics: who is Bitmatica and what are we hoping to share with our readers?

About Bitmatica

We’re a team of talented, enthusiastic developers and designers based in San Francisco with a mission to help companies build successful web and mobile products, turning concept into reality.

technologies powering our products include Ruby on Rails-backed web applications, JavaScript experiences using frameworks such as Angular and React, native iOS and Android applications, and more. As a full-stack software consultancy, we have in-house expertise in everything from product management and visual design to engineering and scalability – so you can be sure your product will be production-ready on day one.

Bitmatica is focused on not just building you some software, but the software that your business needs to grow and scale. From your very first conversation with us, it'll be clear that you're working with someone who takes your business as seriously as you do. We help our customers succeed by using our expertise to solve their business challenges with innovative and effective strategies, not simply writing software to a specification.

Coming Up Next

We’re looking forward to offering our blog as a resource for designing, engineering, and scaling innovative technology products and companies.

We have a long list of topics in the pipeline, from Solving the Two-Sided Market Problem and How to Actually Meet Deadlines, to technical deep-dives such as Benchmark and Comparison of AWS, Digital Ocean, and other Cloud Hosting Providers.

As we’ve grown, we’ve benefited enormously from the plethora of articles, blog posts, forum discussions, and open-source software available. Now we’re looking forward to giving back.

Keeping Up To Date

You can keep up-to-date with the Bitmatica Blog by subscribing to the RSS feed or by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

And as always, if you'd like learn more about Bitmatica and what we can do for your business, we’d love to talk.