Head of Inside Sales Leaves Twitter to Join Bitmatica

Team| March 20th

The Bitmatica team is proud to announce the addition of Jorge Soto to our family. Jorge will be leaving his post at Twitter as the Head of Inside Sales (MoPub) to join Bitmatica, the makers of Dashtab, as the Director of Business Development and Co-founder.

As a sales junkie and serial entrepreneur, he has sold everything from consumer products door-to-door, to enterprise software. Jorge founded Sales4Startups (recently acquired by SalesHacker); has been involved with startups like Twitter, MoPub, KickApps, and PunchTab; and advised numerous up-and-coming startups. He’s been a speaker at conferences like Dreamforce and was named one of the top 40 social sales influencers in 2014 InsideSales.com.

His resume says he has been selling for over a decade, but we’re pretty sure he’s been selling since he could first shake a hand.

When asked why he opted to join Bitmatica, Jorge told us he is “Beyond excited to be joining... Having worked at successful early stage startups like MoPub, I know what it takes for a team and product to make it. And Bitmatica and Dashtab have it.

I know what it takes for a team and product to make it. And Bitmatica and Dashtab have it.

Not to mention Dashtab is made for his all-time favorite pastime, selling.

“As a salesperson who has used Salesforce for over seven years, I can tell you—Dashtab is the Salesforce tool we have all been looking for. It simplifies the inside sales workflow and centralizes your leads, qualifiers, and tasks in one easy to understand Salesforce tab.”

A long-time adviser for Dashtab, we are thrilled to have him on the Bitmatica team!

If you want to learn more about how Dashtab can improve your sales team, take a look around our website or join the beta!