Building a Web App with React.js and Ampersand

Matt Hubert| December 17th

So you've just discovered React.js (or have been a fan for quite some time, perhaps after coming across our previous podcast or blog post) and you're excited to try it out in production.

However, you may have also come up against a bit of a wall. React looks great for what it does, but it's not a one-stop application framework like Angular or Ember. It's still missing something: the ability to manage data from the server.

The solution to that something is Ampersand, and we’ve put together a podcast talk about how to build a production-ready web frontend using React.js, Ampersand, and more.

We also talked about Flow, and the benefits and drawbacks of other major JavaScript data management libraries.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think, you can follow along with the slides we used as well. In the coming weeks we will also be putting out additional docs and posts about how we use React and make it work in our stack.

Matt Hubert
Co-founder of Bitmatica. Super powers include catching falling objects and occasionally having perfect pitch.