Bitmaticlaus is Coming to Town!

Stephanie Stupack| December 22nd

Yep, you heard right! Bitmaticlaus is coming to town this year as he tends to do every holiday season (generally in the beginning of December, other times… well you know how busy the holidays can get).

Every year, after working with our clients on challenging projects, through tough deadlines, and emerging with victories large and small, we have a little tradition of packing up some nice treats and surprises as our way of saying thank you for being a great partner.

This year Bitmaticlaus wasted no expense and only about three days on Pinterest crafting which goodies our nice clients would receive. (We seem to be pretty lucky at avoiding the naughty ones.)

Once everything was chosen, it was the responsibility of our trusty Bitmatielf to prepare everything from our workshop high atop the 17th floor. And during one of San Francisco’s select rainy days, combined with the A/C blasting (which it always seems to do), it really started to feel Arctic.

Accompanied by Spotify’s 80s Christmas Radio, our delivery boxes began to take form. The process was a messy one, to say the least.

Spray painting madness

But in the end, the spray paint and stenciling paid off. Although it’s unclear if our insurance covered the potential exposure to noxious fumes.


With lovely Bitmatiboxes in hand, all we had to do was fill them up with gifts.

However, following San Francisco Hipster Code 42 H.C. § 405(c)(2)(C)(ii), we were first obligated to lay all contents out in a near square, such that we could earn our requisite share of Internet karma. (Exhibit A below)

Hipster gift boxes

The contents included jackets, candies, toys (including a kendama and Nerf guns to encourage animosity between coworkers), paper airplane-themed office accessories, and most importantly, our 2015 release Bitmatica Syrah. Our team dutifully tasted 8+ different wines before arriving at this year’s choice, and we thank them for their commitment to excellence.

Here’s a look at one of the boxes, just about to be sent out!

Filled bitmatica gift boxes

Happy Holidays from the Bitmatica team, and we wish you a relaxing end of 2015 and a wonderful start to the new year!

Happy Holidays from Bitmatica!

Stephanie Stupack
Enduring optimist, obsessed task-master, and addicted candy lover.